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Our Primary goal is to get our students into top  universities and we never lose sight of it. However we also realise the  importance of developing a genuine passion and curiosity in all that our  students study. As such our teaching staff is chosen for their ability to bring  their individual subjects alive, and to develop the learning process outside of  the classroom.

Competent & Hardworking Tutors: Our tutors are subject specialists and most have  experience as examiners. They have a track record of being successful with both  young people and adults; having the capacity to motivate and communicate with  them in ways which they understand. Barriers are quickly broken down, enhancing  the learning process.

Individual Attention:  Our course provides a convincing reason for students to choose Alpha College. We ensure that the class size never exceeds a point where things go beyond the tutors’ control.  In fact, we are happy to offer courses to full time students even if there are only five or six students in a class.

Personal Mentors At Alpha College each student has a personal coach who will monitor their  progress and help them to meet targets for work submission. This eases the  mental block for Re-sit candidates specially, as they are some times low on  confidence with taking on a subject they have been unsuccessful previously. Advice on study skills and career choices will also be provided.

Careers Advice: We strive hard to help our A-level students to get into Highly regarded universities, by helping with the application form, drafting personal statements and  interview preparation. We provide specialist advice on choosing a suitable degree course and university.

Computers/Library: All students have access to computers at Alpha College. Students are welcome to use the computers to work, check email and print off any documentation as long as there isn’t a class in progress. Students with laptops will also have access to our wireless broadband service.

– In addition to teaching rooms, there is a library with computers and Internet access and a full range of learning resources.

Alpha College offers broad A-level curriculums in Sciences, Computing &  Mathematics, Business & Humanities, Languages and Literature.

Students  can post, fax or email their application forms.

The  application form is available as:  Application  Form