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These guidelines have been drawn up to ensure that our responsibilities are met and that all our students are supported, protected and treated fairly. They are made available here as part of our commitment to open and transparent procedures. They may be of interest to students or anyone considering studying or working at the Alpha College.

Health and Safety policy

This Health and Safety policy provides a framework for recording how health and safety issues are managed within Alpha College. Alpha College Health and Safety policy is also available in pdf format, if you wish to download please Click here .

Attendance Policy

This Policy explains about Procedure of Recording the Attendance and Dealing with Poor Attendance and Non Arrival of Student to view please click here.

Student Complaint Procedure

This policy explains about Student Complaints Procedure. If student have any complaint or issue with staff or with ACOL please follow this link for procedure. There is also complaint form which needs to be filled out click here for complaint form.

Fee Policy

This policy also explains about payment fee, non-payees and discounts regarding fees etc. Follow this link to down load fee policy.

Disability Policy

The College strictly follows administrative decisions on a person’s ability to meet the essential requirements of the course. Follow the link to download  disability policy.

Equal Opportunity Policy

Alpha College is committed to a policy of equal opportunities in employment whereby individuals are selected, trained, promoted and treated on the basis of their relevant merits, skills and competency.Click here to download equal opportunity policy.

Alpha College Student Handbook

The Alpha College Student Handbook Sets out information about services, financial information and regulations for Alpha College Students. The Student Handbook is also available for download follow the link to download pdf version of student hand book.

Alpha College First Aid Policy

Alpha College is conscious of its obligations under the Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations, 1981 to provide adequate and appropriate first aid facilities. As a result, this Statement has been drawn up to give details of the first aid arrangements which have been made in the Alpha College.Click here to download pdf version of student hand book.