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We warmly welcome you to Alpha College.

We hope that your time with us will be fruitful and a time of growth both academically and personally. Our promise is to provide the best possible education and training opportunities, enabling learners from all backgrounds to achieve their personal and professional goals, and in so doing, contribute to the economic development and prosperity of the UK.

At Alpha College we provide a wide range of courses, and pride ourselves on delivering programmes where the student is at the centre of the learning process and students are looked after and feel comfortable while here in London.

In times of rapid globalization and the development of the knowledge economy, we aim to support our students in order to make their experience at Alpha College worthwhile, and one that will enable them to be better equipped to face the challenges of an ever changing world.

We are determined to help you from when you start a qualification with us through to after you finish your studies and move into your professional career. We operate a policy where students can ask questions of lecturers as well as management and can easily approach them for discussions.

Our location offers the best of both worlds; a supportive and friendly  environment and the opportunity to explore and be part of the bustling city of  London. We look forward to welcoming you at Alpha College.
We look forward to welcoming you at Alpha College.



Alpha College

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